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Iconic Photo Series: Dementia

This is a photo of my grandmother with my brand new baby boy. The photo doesn’t show that Dementia is slowly changing who my grandmother is to me, leaving me a little lost without the strong woman who, I knew, could do anything when I was a kid.

I see that her face still lights up when she’s holding one of her Great-Grandsons, or even when she talks about her family.

I see the way she looks 20 years younger when she’s holding him, and how he’s totally safe and protected from the world when he’s there.

I see that he got her fair skin and kind nature.

And, I see how much a part of me they both are.

I see the swimsuit we had to talk her into wearing to the pool that day and remember how her face lights up when she’s in the water too.

I remember sitting in the shade with the two of them, talking to my grandma about what a great time my mom and older son were having in the pool.

And, for a moment it felt normal and right.

This Iconic photo + story was contributed by Elizabeth Crea Miller

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