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Iconic Photo Series: My Side

Perfect harmony. These are two words that come to mind when I look at this photo and read Heather’s story behind it.

Every single day we do routine things – each and every one of us. When you begin to add a family dynamic to these routines, we all have our part to play like pieces of a puzzle. Countless times my family has packed up to go somewhere (we have a baby and a toddler… everywhere we go involves extensive packing). Dave gets the kids into their carseats, I pack the diaper bag complete with snacks and drinks just in case, there’s usually some bickering, and somehow we conform in perfect harmony to this one routine of getting in the vehicle.  This simple routine has evolved. First, before kids. Second, one daughter. Third, a daughter and a son. One thing that has remained the same is our teamwork in getting ourselves and (now) our troops ready to go. It’s just a little bit of life’s beauty that we often overlook – especially on the days after I’ve nagged at him for rushing me or he’s nagging at me, because I forgot something (usually, because he was rushing me). It’s funny how I can imagine myself in Heather’s seat – looking at my dad. Now, I’m the mom in the passenger’s seat and my view is completely different.

I absolutely love Heather’s photo, because while this Iconic Photo submission is especially meaningful to her, I think it will speak to us all in our own way.

Homework: Comment below on the routines in your life that have changed perspective over the years. 

Here’s what Heather had to say about her photo and why it is iconic to her:

A lot of our views change as we grow up. But every now and then there is a view in our life that never changes. I like seeing these moments because it brings to mind the many lessons God has brought me through. This is my side of my parents car, I own it. I always always sat behind the passenger seat (usually my mom) on long car rides, road trips, or even just to get ice cream with the family… and this was my view. My dad. Driving just like this, the same when I was 7. Now 29 years later it’s still my side, my view… different perspective. 

Featured Photo

Camera Data: 1/400 f/3.2 ISO 400 18-50mm Canon Rebel T1i

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I’m a proud wife to my husband, Kevin, who is my biggest supporter. Mommy to Bridget, who is my biggest artistic inspiration, and follower of Jesus in who all things are possible. I love finding new meaning in overlooked details and artistic insight in the everyday. I enjoy museums, great food, fun conversation, and a well crafted beverage. I’m very new to photography, but hope to one day be able to help people first recognize and then capture moments in their lives that open their eyes to blessings they have right in their own backyards. 

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