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When a Photo Tells a Story

This photo represents everything I believe in for documentary style photography. When I posted for fans to share a photo that is meaningful to them on my Facebook Page, Mitzi’s photo stood out to me. I immediately reached out to ask her to submit the image as part of the Iconic Blog Series. This one photo tells this family’s story. When a photo tells a story, our memory will be sparked by just the quickest glance at the image. The photo is our reminder when our visual memory bank is fuzzy. So the story will live on and be a conversation one day in the future as life changes. Remember when….

Here is what Mitzi has to say about the photo and why it’s Iconic to her: 

This sweet family wanted to have family portraits made for the holidays. However, the weather was a bit frigid for the grandmother to participate in an outdoor session, so they opted for an indoor lifestyle session instead. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the way this session turned out. This moment is iconic, because it captured everything I discovered this family to be- united, loving, strong, humble, giving, and last but certainly not least, humorous! To me, nothing compares to moments like these. They’re real, raw, and say so much to anyone that has the opportunity to view them.

family dinner photo

Camera Data: 1/125 f/3.2 ISO 2000 Nikon D600

Mitzi Emig Photography | Website | Facebook

A little bit about Mitzi:“I am a country girl at heart but I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy big city. I am a momma to a spunky red headed girl, Allix and an athletic blonde headed young man, Tre’. I have loved photography since 110’s and polaroids were cool! I have found a serious passion for it within the last 6 years, and I am still working to find my niche daily. I have a giver’s heart and I feel most alive when I’m creating…. I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, people watching, down time with family, friends and my cuddle bug Chihuahua, Lily.”

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