An Iconic Photo… to Me | Documentary Photographer | Fearless and Framed

An Iconic Photo… to Me | Documentary Photographer

It was the most magical place. I used to have this recurring dream about walking through the back yard to a magical garden.

In reality, it did feel magical as my cousin, sister, and I found ourselves lost in the caves of the pine trees that kissed the ground with their needles or the woods that let us sneak through all the neighbors properties unseen. I’ll never forget the times sneaking up the Mulberry tree to sit on top of the shed and eat the berries til our hands and knees were purple.

If the outside wasn’t enough, we would play cards around the dinner table for hours with Grandma. Their house was one of my favorite places growing up. They passed away in 2008 and my family just sold the home last year. My Grandpa and his dad built the home in 1950.

This iconic photo represents my time spent with them. It is their address on their front door. The door is weathered from decades of standing that it tells a story all on its own. I see it and I think of their home and am flooded with memories. This photo speaks volumes to me in only 3 simple digits.

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Camera Data: 1/1600 f/1.4 ISO 100 50mm Canon 5D Mark III

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Marie is a documentary style photographer based in Michigan. She is also the proud Founder of Fearless and Framed. Marie is the wife to David and mom to Kendall and Levi. She doesn’t sleep much, because she’s always dreaming.

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