Iconic Self Portrait from Soul Threading: Light + Children | Fearless and Framed

Iconic Self Portrait from Soul Threading: Light + Children

I’ve followed Soul Threading for awhile now and am always inspired. I was over the moon when I saw Stacey’s Iconic Photo come in. We’ve seen detail shots, loved ones, symbolic portraits, but she was the first artist to share a self portrait to us.
Getting in the frame is something I rarely do, so to me, this is brave and beautiful. I love that she didn’t merely SEE something iconic to her, she took that vision and made her self present in the memory.

Homework: Find an iconic place to you and put yourself in the frame. Share your photos with us for a possible feature!

Here is what Stacey of Soul Threading had to say about her image:

“I chose this photo because it is one that shows how much I love light and my children.  The light coming through the car here, is what drew me in to taking the photo in the first place.  I popped the camera on the dash and set a timer up.  I wanted to capture the frog outfit.  It represents my family’s humor very well. Laughter is huge for us. I also want to remember nursing my babes, and right before I took this, that is what occurred.  It helps me to remember my daughter when she was this little also. It helps to appreciate them, this photo here.  They are only so small for so long. It hurts my heart to look back sometimes, a strange hurt. But photographs help heal that pain. A comforting nostalgia.”


Iconic self portrait

Camera Data: 28mm, 1/1600 f/3.2 ISO 100

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A little bit about Stacey Muñiz of Soul Threading: 
“I am a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and co-worker. Mother of two gorgeous children, and two sweet rescued pups. I am a self taught photographer with a BFA in fashion design. I grew up in the city of Chicago and then moved when I was 23 to Florida.  Gainesville is now our home and we love the mixture of culture that resides.  Church is huge for us and we are so grateful to have found a family, away from family.  I feel very blessed to have connected with as many people as I have this past year… it truly is breathtaking with the possibilities that emerge from it.   So, if there is something to leave here, it will be to say….get out there and connect, collab and support one another.  Lift eachother up.”


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