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January 2019 Intentions + Best Tools for Progress

My body might stop working, but rarely does my mind follow suit.

In fact, that’s what sparked the idea for PEACE as my word of the 2019 year. 2018 was record-breaking for anxiety — a word I only ever thought others dealt with, never me.

In 2018, I had many nights of insomnia, much worry (over the littlest things that felt giant in the moment), irritability with my loved ones, and for the first time ever, physical weight of anxiety on my chest that peaked the week before holiday break.

But WHY?!

This is not me.

Life is GOOD.

So why haven’t I FELT that way? 

Well, I’m working on figuring that out! I’ve got a laundry list of stress triggers that I’m trying to relieve first + foremost, which brings us to setting January’s intentions.

If you want to start at the beginning, this is my share from a couple weeks ago: 2018 Reflection, Noteworthy Memories, & 2019 Intentions.

My view as I write this today: 

How to Keep Family Memories

Overall Monthly Business + Life Intentions for January:

Every month in 2019, I’ll ask What will bring me PEACE this month? as I set my intentions. Here they are…

Parenting Progress:

We’re still dealing with issues in our home that’ve been really hard. I want to feel like we’re on the *right* path to a solution.

So, we’ve got new doctor appointments, a meeting with the school, and more on deck. My intention is to follow through and remain both an advocate and questioner. To help, I have a notebook to track what’s happening and write my thoughts + questions. I’ll check in with this daily.

Get a handle on the numbers:

I completely procrastinated with my 2018 bookkeeping and plan to have that #done, 1099 statements sent out to Independent Contractors, be ready to file taxes, AND seamlessly have January ready for Bench to complete. I love delegation and believe Bench is money well spent.

Through all of that, I’ll take a GOOD LOOK at my revenue streams and expenses — hopeful to eliminate expenses I’ve been paying, but not using.

Finalize my newest revenue system:

TPP will launch for the 5th time late in the month after bringing back the updated 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge. We have several new success stories that’ll roll out between the Journal and the podcast.

The sales page will get an updated design to reflect changes (which will be developed likely in February). Little by little, this system will be running full steam ahead early in 2019 and I cannot wait!

Continue publishing the Intentional Documentary Podcast:

After taking a publishing break from late November until now, I’m so excited to get back to recording for you!

Move my body.

I’ve got a hunch this will be a staple most months, because my body really loves its calm state — writing, reading, playing cards or board games with my littles, going out for coffee or a meal — and strongly dislikes most forms of exercise.

My goal, which is much like throwing spaghetti at a wall for now as I’ve never tracked how much I walk when I hike, is to walk or hike at least 30 miles this month on top of my day-to-day walking. It’s January 2nd and I nailed a couple already from our family hike yesterday!

Cultivate an environment to set + reset intentions and track progress + results.

Documenting plays such a vital role in our lives when we’re trying to cultivate change, clear fog into clarity, and to foster contentment, so in 2019, I’ve created a few different zones. I have:

  1. this monthly article to gather + organize my thoughts
  2. my parenting log (small notebook)
  3. my Reflect & Thrive monthly report from Kyla Roma’s Indie Insiders program (I had it printed & bound) that’s strictly for business growth
  4. my Madness Planner for daily activities, appointments, and keeping my Love Bombs close
  5. my brain flow sheets (an endless list of ideas + to-dos that I only look at when I set intentions — it’s not a checklist per se)
  6. my Playbook for better documenting as a whole (I had this printed + bound too)
  7. and soon my 2019 PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters for a broader, birds-eye view of various facets of life.

Small tasks to make my January intentions (& beyond) possible:

  • Do ONE PR or Revenue task daily — tasks that take 20 mins tops
  • Fully establish Dreama Spence as our Director of Stories and have all our stories through February ready for publishing
  • Record at least 5 podcast episodes + publish 2 or 3 of them
  • Re-Open The Preservation Project
  • Send 4 surprise TPP Playbooks as TY gifts
  • Finish the setup for the free 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge + invite our audience to participate when it’s ready
  • Celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary with a date!
  • Do a sleepover with each kiddo (something special yet simple they love to do with me, because we have the privilege to architect memories)
  • Show up for all 3 doctor appointments + school meeting
  • Spend 30-60 minutes on my historic bookkeeping daily until 2018 is ready for our CPA
  • Meet with Bench + answer their questions (to set us up for 2019 bookkeeping success)
  • Complete my weekly newsletter
  • Finish filling out my own TPP Playbook to set myself up for 2019
  • Plan graphic needs + assign tasks for Design for February
  • Meet up with local photographers + entrepreneur biz buddies
  • Dive into Pitch It Perfect to plan out potential 2019 collaborations


  • Edit my backlog of pictures
  • Print pictures for our parents + mail them
  • FEEL better about how I’m serving (a call for restructure)

January 2019 Story to Pay Attention to:

The story of my babies – who they are today.

For months, I’ve been intending to write them in their journals for their Legacy Boxes. Intentions, however, aren’t actions. This month, I’ll take action. I’ll write to Kendall.

I owe it to her. It matters.

She matters.

I’m publically declaring to DO the darn thing.

Tools for January 2019 (and beyond):

Some are affiliate links.

Asana (free version) to track the progress of our publishing + organized communication with Dreama

Madness Planner – this has been my lifeline for daily + weekly “Ok, I know exactly what I need to do next.” I love this thing and how it fosters space for all the madness in my head 🙂

2019 PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters. I purchased this in 2017, skipped it in 2018, and am excited to lean into this beauty in 2019.

Toggl (free version) to track my time into categories. I use the free version.

ConvertKit for all my email needs.

The Accounting Tool by Colorvale for my Historic Bookkeeping. I’ve used this thing since 2012 and it’s served me well each year.

My iPhone to track my walking mileage.

The Preservation Project playbook to assess what area of documenting to focus on next

So, that’s it! 

Listen, I’m committing to better documenting my time + efforts for myself, but I’d love to make this be a piece that serves you in some way. What else would you like to know? Comment below. 

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