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JUNE 2018 in Documentary Family Photography

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things (that we know of) happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community in June.

Note from our Founder:


School is just about out here, which means I’ve been working my TAIL off on our podcast. My goal is to NOT record any guest episodes throughout the summer, because of more kiddo presence in my days. I’m excited to travel to Michigan and spend lots of time in nature or at the beach (i.e. staying away from the laptop more than usual).

Great news: As we roll into June, we’ve got the first THIRTY-FIVE episodes mapped out, including all guest-episodes #recorded. Yeah! There’s so much work that goes into these podcasts, but I’m enjoying the process.

Podcast aside, we also welcomed new participants in The Preservation Project in May, which will open up again for the summer (I think). If you listened to IDP episode 012, you know I’m in the middle of dusting myself off after my last launch + eagerly moving forward, making this program better & better.

All that aside, I’ve been reflecting on documenting FOR memories vs. FROM memories. Have you ever thought about that? I’d love to get your take.

I’m sure I’ll record a podcast ep at some point on this topic 😉 I’ve felt a little disconnected to my camera lately as, still, most experiences are new to us (since moving). I thrive behind the camera when I’m shooting FROM memories already anchored within me rather than in documenting whatever’s happening that has little meaning to me at the time and trying to preserve that (if I’m making any sense).

This month, I’m cruising through documenting my brand stories + stories of my life through writing and am really excited to have these for myself and for my family Legacy Box, which I started doing in this May’s Preservation Project.

What are you documenting next?

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Living Memories to record this month:

  • End of the school year
  • The 1st Day of Summer
  • A trip to the aquarium
  • Photograph a friendship
  • Planting + Gardening

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Session Sparks by Fearless and Framed

Fun Themespiration Calendar

So sorry, we’re a U.S. based company and simply cannot know the calendar of the entire world. We simple pick a few fun ideas from National Day Calendar. Something to add? Comment below!

• National Gardening Week – First Full Week of June
• LGBTQIA Pride Month
• Aquarium Month

Photo Credit: Natosha Cundiff

• 6/1 National Penpal Day
• 6/3 National Cancer Survivor’s Day
• 6/8 National Best Friends Day
• 6/14 National Flag Day
• 6/17 Father’s Day
• 6/29 National Camera Day

Photo Credit: Khalilah Hall


Intentional Documentary™ Podcast



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  • #003  Documentary School Photography with Katie Jett Walls



  • #007 – Marketing, Selling, and Your It Factor with Nick McArthur
  • #008 – Loosen Your Grip
  • #009 – Life-Proof Your Business
  • #010 – Shed Your Mask, Reveal Your Voice with Eboni Rivera
  • #011 – Assessing the Damage (and the Goodness)


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Community Spotlight


Tomasz Lsky

Our community member Tomasz Lsky of Day in Life Storytelling Photography was recently published in Father’s magazine’s. There are about 14 pages inside with his breathtaking images! In the sixth issue they put close relationships under the microscope. We’re so proud to see one of our members published!


A Quote that hit our hearts

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Check out our Quotes for Documentary Family Photographers Pinterest Board for more inspiration! It’s new, so bare with us while we grow this baby.

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