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Letting a Child Lead Your Next Photo Session Idea

Our family was into cooking (okay, my Mom) since I was a little child. I remember going to the library, as a pre-schooler, selecting cookbooks for kids, and nagging my Mom to cook something with me (which she often did).

Those are still some of my fondest memories.

Maybe that’s why when I noticed my little boy, George’s (now 5), interest in cooking when he was about 3, I totally supported him. More importantly, recently decided to document it for him to remember one day.

He’s not into sports so much. He’s certainly a little boy, up-to-no-good most of the time, but when he’s cooking, his face lights up and he’s no trouble at all.

Today, I’m not much of a foodie, but do manage to cook a different meal most evenings for my family – thanks to the skills that my Mom taught me growing up. I wish I had some photographs of our time together in the kitchen.

This series of photos is about George deciding (not asking – there was no negotiation) that he’d make a salad for our Father’s day lunch. I didn’t complain, just grabbed my camera and started clicking.

He found the recipe, ingredients, utensils, etc. and did the whole thing himself.

Tip: When documenting special moments and events, I’m drawn to meaningful moments and interesting facial expressions, but I do try to consciously think of different rules of composition like leading lines, rule of thirds, colour, and even capturing movement to make the series of images more compelling.

I live in Centurion, Gauteng province, South Africa with my hubby and best friend and our two little ones.

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Writing and photography contributed by Jana Wiehahn. 

Jana is based out of South Africa. Follow her here: 


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