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Marie’s Results for February + March 2019 Intentions

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Hello friend,

Last month: I felt a surge of awareness & feeling awake, because I was more involved in TPP as it’s opened back up again. Fast forward: It’s waned a bit now, because I’ve been out of the TPP practice mode the past month.

A few new things came up this month: 

1. I’m feeling a richer sense of clarity in how I serve.

I posted on IG how I feel like I’m exiting the photography community & the truth is that I don’t know what community I belong to. It’s all felt isolating + liberating at the same time. Maybe I’m making my own community? Idk.

I’m not sure why this identity definition matters, but I tend to come back to it nonetheless. No one cares besides me, but I do need to better articulate WHO I help / serve and how, so I think that’s part of it. It doesn’t feel like a clear cut answer yet.

I’ve helped several people with grief as per success stories I’ve received, so there’s that nugget.

2. I’m fully enjoying the podcast and want to anchor this feeling in.

The conversations that go on while recording + before & after are so enriching to my spirit. I don’t have coffee dates, I don’t know anyone here yet, so this is like the next, best thing and I’m grateful that I’ve creating a business model where I get to do host the IDP.

3. Perhaps the loudest thing on my mind: there’s just 3 months to go until the kids are out of school for the summer.

Goal: Have a teacher’s work schedule. No-work summers + still make an income.

The big question: What do I need to do from now through May?

Note: This article contains affiliate links. Without further adieu…

February 2019 Big Intention Results

Here’s my original February intentions in full and my 2018 wrap and 2019 intentions for good measure.

Write something meaningful everyday. NOPE.

I put it off & eventually gave up. It feels like I have to work on my podcast, do my marketing tasks, and serve my audience, which leaves little time for writing.

It’s like I’m waiting for all those things to be DONE before I work on this. So, I need to define how I can fit writing in or let go of some of the other things. 

Launch the 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge. ✅

Woot woot! Opened + shared.


Finish 3 books in February. ALMOST. 

I’m in the middle of the third. I finished Atomic Habits & read most of Present Over Perfect before I quit. It wasn’t my favorite.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sharing my feedback + favorite quotes that relate to use creative entrepreneurs + documentarians as they come up. This post briefly talked about Chasing Daylight, Present Over Perfect, If Your Find This Letter, and Atomic Habits. Visit the Resources Highlight for more depth.

Continue tracking my time, traffic, money, and fulfillment like a boss. ✅

Yep, even put together a master system document for The Preservation to measure the impact on every little step. You’ll hear me talk more about this in episode 042 of the podcast.

Test drive themed work days. ✅

Slow start, but feeling good at the end of the month.

  1. Monday – Admin
  2. Tuesday – Podcast
  3. Wednesday – Content or Program Development
  4. Thursday – Marketing
  5. Friday – Wildcard or Systems
  6. Saturday – Pure Fun
  7. Church + Family Day + Prep for upcoming week

Record 5 podcast episodes. ✅

START PROJECT: Revisit the Honestly Documented challenge. NOPE.

Just didn’t prioritize this one.

START PROJECT: Create a VIP List for our Story Contributors with fun $$$ incentives & sneak peeks. ✅

We got as far as inviting contributors & setting up a few emails to re-align them with our brand mission, so they know WHAT to submit. Next step is to continue communication + invite them to contribute + run a contest.

P.S. If you’re an F&F Contributor and didn’t receive an invitation to this, email us. 

Leverage our content like a smart CEO. ✅

Friends, my Facebook social media is DONE through the end of 2019. I freakin’ love Sendible.

I also filled up Tailwind and have new podcast episode graphics to move into our Pinterest. Things are lookin’ up in the content sharing dept.

Small, Impactful Actions for February:

  • Go on one family bike ride along the Swamp Rabbit Trail complete with a picnic or a restaurant visit NOPE but we did go to the park together. There was a lot of rain this month. 
  • Submit our 2018 Tax Packet ✅
  • Finalize new bank account ✅
  • Weekly: Complete one tiny action for my own Preservation Project YES & NO I did the mindless stuff more than anything (editing)
  • Send Valentine’s cards and / or care packages to our loved ones ✅
  • Have the kids make birthday cards for my MIL ✅
  • Write for and pitch two sites for good PR NOPE. I’m the world’s worst at making this a priority.
  • Create a 100 Fails List (or as many as I can think of) inspired by Amy Porterfield NOPE. 
  • Get at least 5 Pinterest & IG Stories graphics for our Journal Stories and share them ALMOST: They’re queued with my designer.
  • Likewise for the podcast ✅
  • Ask for 2 new TPP success stories ALMOST: Got one.
  • Weekly: Send a thank you or hello note to important contacts ✅ Suze + Nikki + Alex
  • Move every 30 minutes – literally set a timer on work days NOPE. 
  • Drink 5 bottles of water daily ALMOST. 
  • Attempt to be in bed (reading) by 10:30 every night, lights out by 11 (currently, it’s 11:23 p.m. ha) MEH. Started strong, fell off, did ok last night. And so the story goes… 


  • Edit my backlog of pictures: Finish June 2018 ✅ Even better: almost through July!
  • Print pictures for our parents + mail them ALMOST. Printed canvas for MIL. 
  • Go on a long walk 2x per week NO. Stupid weather. I took advantage of the warm days, so better than nothing. 
  • Mass clean out the kids’ rooms when they’re not home. #purge NO. I resent this and keep putting it off. 

February 2019 Story to Pay Attention to:

Our life right now. Not really. I’m in a fog and in a hurry with work knowing summer vacation is 3 months out. 

I plan to do a Slow Down session in my TPP Playbook today. 

Top Memory of the Month:

Going to Hampton Station, the Pour House, and Smoke on the Water in Greenville, SC with Dave all in one day date on one of the most beautiful (weather) days of the month. It was a needed day for my soul.

Great food + drinks + my favorite company. 

Big Ask:

I asked Melissa Cassera to be a guest on IDP and she said yes. 


  • Impact on me: Suze: called me out for not showing up.
  • Impact given: Lora shared a heart-warming story of how TPP helped her process her grief and gave her something to DO after her dad suddenly & unexpectedly passed away.

Final extras, memories, & reflections for February 2019

  • The highlight of the month was all the warm (almost 70) days! The first signs of spring + a few woodland hikes.
  • Levi started a new chore: emptying the dishwasher
  • Kendall wrote a sweet note to Dave to wake her up extra early so she could spend some 1:1 time with him. She also lost tooth #2.
  • The kids had 3 sleepovers—what a big + FUN milestone after YEARS of attempts and being too silly + wound up always caused us to separate them back into their own rooms!
  • The new TPP Sales Page is up with a few of the testimonials! Makes my heart sing.
  • Had the best, brand new idea for the evolvement of The Preservation Project (a secret for now)
  • I updated our Start Here page with up-to-date top content
  • Intentionally spent time with Dave in the garage as he worked on the truck—I loathe sitting there while he’s working, but he invited me to come down there and so I did. My Grandma taught me that’s one thing you’ve just gotta do in marriage for each other, without complaint.
  • “Met” Latoya Dixon Smith, photographer and owner of Systems For Photographers, as she was a guest on IDP!

Overall Monthly Big Intentions for March 2019:

Create a high-level 3 month work plan and stick to it

The countdown to summer is ON! With March & Spring breaks in-beween now and summer vacation, this work BLITZ is ON, so that I can have a {mostly} work-free summer

Plan launches through August & start scheduling them in

Put most of the focus on scheduling the email list stuff + HOW I’ll ramp up interest prior to selling for various offerings

Record 10 podcast episodes

Ideally, 4 guest recordings, 3 Story of the Months, and 3 solo episodes

Bigger Goal is to record 30 episodes prior to summer break

Test Drive FB Ads to the 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge and / or the To-Remember List

Deep Dive into Week 1 of the Preservation Project Experience (How can I make it better?)

Complete the Photo Organizer’s classes (what’s mentioned here)

Small, Impactful Actions for March:

  • Record February’s metrics
  • Fix the kids’ cameras
  • Prep for Easter
  • Do an expense nip / tuck
  • BSW videos off FB and into Zippy
  • Hair & Spa Package
  • Get outside + walk on 80% of the warm days
  • Spend 60 minutes a week editing photos
  • Add 10% of my revenue to savings + watch my savings account interest grow
  • Stick with Themed days
  • Send a TY or Gift or Acknowledgement weekly
  • Write 2 short + punchy emails to my list
  • Fill up Tailwind
  • No after the kids are in bed snacking (except weekends)
  • 5 bottles of water daily
  • Publish TPP Success Story: Lora
  • Print TPP Master System Document via FedEx Office


  • Print 2018 photos for myself + our parents
  • Doodle the heck out of the next TPP Playbook Iteration

March 2019 Story to Pay Attention to:

Even typing this, I’m already resisting the pause to acknowledge a story in my life, because I feel the pull to work my behind off in preparation for summer break.

So, I’m going to keep it simple. I’ll carry over February’s story (that I didn’t really focus on): Pay attention to our life right now. 

I’ll write about it in the kids’ journals and then make a few photos of what stands out the most.

Tools I’m using in 2019:

Some are affiliate links.

ConvertKit for all my email needs.

My iPhone to track my walking mileage.

The Preservation Project playbook to assess what area of documenting to focus on next

Asana (free version) to track the progress of our publishing + organized communication with Dreama

Madness Planner – this has been my lifeline for daily + weekly “Ok, I know exactly what I need to do next.” I love this thing and how it fosters space for all the madness in my head 🙂

2019 PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters. I purchased this in 2017, skipped it in 2018, and am excited to lean into this beauty in 2019.

Reflect & Thrive Report from Kyla Roma’s program. 

Sendible for scheduling my Facebook Content + building a grab ‘n go Content Library

Later for Instagram scheduling

Tailwind to schedule + loop Pinterest pins

Toggl (free version) to track my time into categories. I use the free version.

So, that’s it! 

What else would you like to know about how I manage my documenting, how I run my business? Ask me anything! Comment below. 

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