Sharing your story could save someone else's story from going unnoticed.

1. "Full Stories"—Real Stories You've Documented

The stories we publish on Fearless and Framed® reminds readers of what matters in their life—the stuff that's important, yet easily overlooked.

There are two ways you can contribute to the F&F Journal: 

What story are you most thankful to have documented through several photos, a film / video, in writing, etc.? That's what this category is about!

We're actively seeking to add these types of subjects to our publication:

⇢ Stories from the perspective of different activities or experiences. Think: sports, snowmobiling, equestrian, visiting the family cabin, a day in the life of work, visiting Aunt Sally, playing Pinochle with Grandpa Joe, wine night with your girlfriends, fishing with the boys, hard life challenges... the possibilities are endless.
⇢ friendship
⇢ community
⇢ senior/teen/individual stories
⇢ engagement / stories of partnerships, couples, love old & new
⇢ personal photography projects
⇢ your preservation pieces: how are you using what you've documented to SERVE your life?

A few examples of stories we love:

Submit up to 20 photos at 1200 px wide and written essay about the story, why it's meaningful to you, and—if applicable—how you documented it.

2. submit One "iconic" Photograph

Or, as we like to call them "Simple Pictures with Big Backstories." Share a single photograph that's highly meaningful to you. Even if it's has technical flaws, randomness, and little to no meaning to the rest of this big ol’ world, we want to see a photo you hold as high value. 

Contribute ONE photograph that's highly iconic to you and a couple paragraphs to share why it's meaningful to you. Paint us a picture of how this photograph feels when you look at it. What's in the photograph that others can't see on the surface, but you see.

Click here for examples of published Iconic Photos.