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Mixing Documenting the Everyday & a Love for Art – Sabrina V. Photography

Sabrina V. Photography’s photo entitled To the Moon and Back caught my eye in my Facebook newsfeed. This photo led me to her page and then onto her website, where I found myself starstruck.

Sabrina is over in Switzerland and shoots primarily documentary photography. Being on her site, browsing through her images, I felt like her photos were relatable in the most profound way. She goes beyond documenting the everyday. Even though I don’t know the faces in the photos, I felt a connection. I believe the way she shoots brings out a reflection in you that you can recognize and feel within the photos. And then, she sent us this photo to feature and I just love her even more! She says this photo gave her chills. I kid you not, when I was saw the image and began reading her thoughts, I got chills myself thinking about how she pushed herself, out of her comfort zone, and created the photo she was seeking. Inspiration!

Here’s what Sabrina had to say about her Iconic photo:

“6 years ago I picked up my first camera and started documenting the streets. I fell in love with it straight away. Mainly, because I was discovering for myself that one can find beauty and a story in everything, if you just take the time to pause and have a look. This is particularly important to me because I’m a very anxious person, my mind is always racing and I tend to worry a lot.  Street photography helps me to take a breather, be mindful of small moments, and reminds me how beautiful life is. This was shot last year, I lay on the ground of a train station for 10 minutes to get this photo. It’s iconic to me because it’s the first time I pushed myself to really step outside my comfort zone to get what I wanted, a big step for me. It’s also the first photo of mine that I got the chills over. It’s showed me that I could mix my love for documenting the every day with my love for art.  This realization filled a yearning that I previously didn’t know how to quench.”
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Camera Data: 1/1600 f/2.0 ISO 500

Sabrina V. Photography

About Sabrina:
“I was born in Switzerland, grew up in New Zealand and am now living in Switzerland again. It’s possible that I’ll never know where I truly belong, and if you’re out to push my buttons that’s a great topic to begin with (shout out to my hubby) :). I’m married and a parent and am 100% winging both of those things! To me life is about connection, kindness, and a sense of humour. I struggle with all three of them, but I’m only 31, so I have some time to get there. My photographic journey runs parallel to my journey to figuring myself out, and I’m learning every step of the way. When I’m old, I’d like to look back and know that I’ve left my creative mark somewhere, somehow, but almost of all- I’d like to know my son grew up to be a kind, giving, rational, and confident man and that a tiny bit of that had to do with me. Also, one day I’d like to develop some organizational skills, that would be good too.” 

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