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One Spontaneous Wedding Photo with a Lesson

Brittany Majka of BAMPHOTO is a strong, intentional shooter. What does this mean? She is observant. Her photos are taken with reason – maybe it’s striking light, maybe it’s emotion, whatever it is, the affect of the photo is always a heart-tugging feel. Britt has this undeniable talent to seek those when-no-one-is-looking moments and turn them into art for each of her clients and turn details into biographies of the day. I knew she would have something incredible to share with us and am honored she took us up on submitting an Iconic Photo for our blog series. Before you go, make sure you check out her portfolio.

What Brittany had to say about her photo:

“Okay, so here it is. One of my most cherished photographs.

The first wedding of the new season, and it happens to be my cousins wedding so all of my family is here.  My niece asked if she could stay with me and so I gave her the task of watching over my bag and being extra quiet and she took her job very seriously! So the bride begins her walk down the aisle, and while I’m photographing that, I catch Cammi in the corner of my eye just staring with her big blue eyes and open mouth. Her hands folded in prayer position like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The bride walked past, and I knelt down to eye level with her and Cammi says in an excited whisper “Aunt Bee, this is my favorite part!” And my heart began to swell.
Right then, I took this photo of her. She was so bright eyed and giddy and filled with so many feels. I wanted to remember that moment forever. And it was in that itty bitty moment that this little magical girl in my life reminded me just how lucky I am to do this for a living. Without even knowing the true gravity of what was happening, this four year old instinctively knew in that big ole heart of hers that something beautiful was happening, and she took it all in. I knew in that moment that she will love fiercelyband with everything that she is made of. She won’t fear love, but rather she’ll seek it out in all the ways that she lives. And someday, it’ll be her walking down that aisle and my heart will swell once again.”
 a spontaneous wedding photo

Camera Data: iPhone photo

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A little bit about the photographer: 
i’m britt
i’m all about self discovery + embracing the weird.
happily married to a man with a kick ass mustache and
i’m the mother to our german shepherd, fiona.
michigan is where we are planting our roots, but i
have an insatiable appetite for traveling and gaining
experiences through other cultures + lifestyles.
i am constantly changing + growing, so you’ll
probably notice that my work tends to evolve right along with me.
i’m constantly inspired by music, movies + experiences.
i take photos not just with my eyes + hands, but with my
ears AND my heart too.
i want my photos to serve as a reminder of the
people + things that make your life
m e a n i n g f u l + beautiful.

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