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Photograph the Memories She Will Never Remember

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I hold these photos nearest & dearest to my heart. You know how you take a million and one family photos, but 95% of them manage to sit forgotten somewhere on your hard drive? Well this will be made into a beautiful fine art album for my daughter to treasure as the most precious memory that she will never remember. 

You may ask why this session is so much more important than any other? Because this is my daughter with my only living Grandparent.

Her GREAT Grandma.

On her 90th birthday!!

I’m not sure how much time Grandma has left with us, as she’s bed ridden from pain that she feels with every movement. Grandma has lots of loving sons, who assist her as much as they can—in the home that holds many fond memories for the entire family.

Grandma’s mind isn’t nearly as sharp as it was, loosing track of days & time, often forgetting the names of family members, who has visited her bedside & when.

But on this day, Grandma remembered US.

She remembered when we had last visited. She remembered every gift we had given to her over the years & explained how much each one meant to her.

She exclaimed over how much Faith (her great grand-daughter) had grown. She loved how curly her hair was, how she was a little chatterbox, and how active she was. But what she loved the most is that Faith LOVED her!!

Grandma has lost 90% of her vision to glaucoma, so knowing that she could see & sense these things absolutely blew my mind!!

Normally, I choose to use my 50mm prime when shooting in low light. Actually, that’s the lens I favor in any light as I adore the bokeh it produces. However, due to the confined space in Grandma’s bedroom, I needed to shoot wide, so I chose to use my 24-70mm. I was shooting between 1/100 -1/160 with my aperture set at 2.8, but this also meant I was forever bumping the ISOs due to the intense lighting changes from one room to the other, & then outside again. The d610 handles low light fairly well so the varying ISO of 800 – 3200 didn’t affect image quality.

It amazes me that Faith does exactly what we did as kids when we went to Grandma’s, right down to playing with the same old collection of toys.

She gazed at all the photos in Grandmas china cabinet, of family members she has yet to meet, or will never get the chance to. Curiosity got the better of her as she raided the cupboards for food & ice-blocks. She ran rounds around the house and climbed on whatever she could.

I knew Grandma was exhausted, but still she happily reminisced on how she missed the sounds of children running around her house & how Faith had brought it back to life on this day.

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Writing and photography contributed from Bec Peterson.

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