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Photographing the Tired, Sick, and Vulnerable

In the first seconds, I saw this image, the thought that crossed my mind was, “I’ve so been there.” As a parent of two toddlers, specifically one little boy that has had over a dozen ear infections, I’ve seen this scene more than I’d like to count. I love Rachel’s perspective on photographing the non-happy moments… the tired, sick, and vulnerable as she says. Keep reading 😉


What Rachel Degen has to say about her iconic photo:

“I’m tired, sick, and vulnerable.” We’ve all felt that way. Iconic is just as much an image that is once in a lifetime as it is an image that could be anyone, at any time. This sick little girl could be any sick little girl, but she’s not. She’s mine. I never feel more helpless or alone than I do when my child is sick and I cannot seem to make it better. Sometimes, when I feel like things around me are out of control, I pick up my camera and control the way I see it.”


photographing bad moments



Camera Data: Samsung SM-G900V, ƒ/2.2, 4.8 mm, 1/30, iso160

Rachel Degen | Website | Facebook | Instagram

About Rachel Degen:
“Wife, mother, animal lover, documentary photographer-flawed in every way. Enjoys the smell of garlic, Frito feet, darkroom chemicals, & as a child-my uncle’s stinky feet-and I wouldn’t change a thing.” 
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