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Interview with Photography Community 30 Minutes in the Life

(All photos provided by 30 Minutes in the Life)

When you first start out as a photographer, you stumble upon communities throughout our industry. These communities are here to sometimes educate, sometimes feature photographers, and always to inspire. As a new photographer or even a veteran, sometimes, you can feel alone. You may have a style in your brain that seems like you are in your own little corner. What I love about the wide variety of photography communities in our industry is that there is a place for everyone to forge friendships with like-minded photographers and lift each other up. Starting now on Fearless and Framed, we are interviewing some of these communities in hopes to give them a spotlight for the unity they are creating. Thrilled to have 30 Minutes in the Life as our first photography community interview!!

Be sure to also check out our full list of communities we’ve found where you could be featured after checking out this interview. Read on!

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30 Minutes in the Life

Describe your community: 

In the life of a photographer, whose art is created in tiny fractions of a second, thirty minutes is a sustained thought. Thirty minutes, the length of a child’s ballet class, a quick sauce’s simmer, a commute, is long enough to witness change and short enough to be over before you know it. We offer you here our monthly results of thirty minutes of watching and waiting and recording, of rendering permanent those fractions of a second that slip past in the time it takes to watch a television show.

Where can we find you?

Visit our website: 30 Minutes in the Life or visit our Facebook Page.

What is the mission and philosophy behind your community (why was it started)?

We realized how quickly days, weeks, months, even years can pass by and we wanted to rebel…At least wanted to slow down for one 30 minute period each month and pay attention to all that happens during that time.

What sparked the idea for your community?

Amanda Voelker of Amanda Voelker Photography and Cindy Cavanagh of image421 photography wanted to bring this idea of capturing 30 minutes each month to more people than just themselves.  It’s important to document our lives and we wanted others to join and keep this train rolling.

30 minutes in the life


How can photographers contribute or be featured in your community (weekly challenges on Facebook, spotlight features, etc.)?

We have a “Story in a Snap” weekly contest where photographers (both professional and amateur) can post photos that go along with our weekly theme, and one of our judges for the week chooses their favorite 4 plus a winner to be featured. We have also just started a “30 minus of inspiration” series to interview photographers and get to know the person behind the images a little better. We are in the process of adding a “Be featured” section to our blog site. Right now, it is a work in progress.


Do you have a signature hashtag for people to use on Instagram for possible repost features?

We don’t…but let’s start one.  #30minutesinthelife


Do you have a blog and accept guest blog submissions?

We have a blog. At this time, we are accepting submissions through our Facebook page, but are looking to expand in the future to full session submissions.


self portraits


Who are the Founders/Creators and/or Organizers of your community?


Amanda of Amanda Voelker Photography | Washington


Cindy  of image421 photography | Sydney

documentary photography


Anything else you want our readers to know?

We are a collection of photographers from all over the world, who gather together once a month to share a glimpse into our daily lives. We really do span the globe – Switzerland, Germany, London, Istanbul, Sydney, Glasgow, East Coast, West Coast, and more! It is so beautifully fascinating to see how our lives resemble each others.

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