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Preserving the Heart of Your Holidays Through Family Photography

Sometimes what’s warm and familiar to us is something we don’t SEE. I mean, really see. We’re easily caught up in the doing + prep for the cookies, festivities, gifts for everyone, dinners, and beyond that we can miss feeling the experience itself.

I don’t know about you, but holidays aside, I crave more connection to what I already have. If we can live in THAT mind space, we can quiet the “I’ve got do this (and this, and this, and this), right NOW,” + obsession over desires for the future.

Calm. Content. Abundant. 

Making + receiving pictures can do that.

Pictures are a tool to help us reconnect + acknowledge our values.

We have the privilege to give a nod to our values today by making a photograph.

We have the honor to help others re-identify their values, as well, through our voice and pictures, as photographers (you don’t even need to be a “pro” to do this).

My friend, there’s plenty o’ opportunity in the holiday season.

Whether you’re shooting for you or clients throughout the holiday season, start with the camera down. Begin by looking at what the holiday season means.

Not your to-do list; your “I wanna remember this” list. Then, watch and wait for the opportunity to make those pictures…

…knowing that when you push your shutter, you’re in total mindfulness + alignment with your values.

(not just making another picture for digi-Neverland)

I couldn’t help, but smile seeing how the photographers below got to what the heart of the season looks like for them!

live awake for your life and the people who matter most


Allison Corrin French

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Peggy Knaak

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Blimie T.

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Erika Roa

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Aleksandra Gajdeczka

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Jennifer Reese


Antonina Mamzenko

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Yehudis Goldfarb

Facebook // Instagram

Phil and Whitney Mayhew

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Stephanie Huber

Polina Bulman

Website // Facebook

Christina Voorhorst

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Kelly Krabill

Bronwyn Blodgett

Website // Facebook // Instagram 

Claudia Pojan

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Nicole Gracen

Website // Instagram

Heather Ruppel

Website // Facebook // Instagram


Katie Jennings


Anna Nodolf

Website // Instagram


Ashley Ples

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Danielle MacInnes

Website // Facebook // Instagram

Angela Baron



We had so many holiday stories (in pictures) submissions that we couldn’t include them all here, but want to continue the sharing in the comments.

Have a story to share or seen one circling? Comment with the link.

We welcome and include all stories of the holiday season. Spark the season’s value in your life + make pictures of how you want to remember it all.



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