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Seeing My Childhood in Her Childhood

We used to spend days on end up at the family cabin in Baldwin, Michigan. My parents bought this quaint, little cabin in the middle of the woods on a lake when I was just a baby.

It’s not luxurious.

It’s a simple mobile home trailer attached to a garage-turned-living room.

Cabin life in Pure Michigan is priceless.

How this photo is iconic to me:

Seeing my daughter run through the kitchen, rounding the corner where the fridge stands, and heading back to play flooded me with childhood memories.

I can see myself in her shoes. I can feel my hair flying back from running through that very spot when I was a girl headed out to play. I can smell the musty, cabin smell. I can feel the excitement of adventure that I, too, experienced at her age.

It was like looking in the mirror to one of my own memories.

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Camera Data: 1/200 f/1.4 ISO 2000 50mm Canon 5D Mark III

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