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Client Guide Template for Documentary Photographers

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Have you asked your potential clients what they think a documentary session is? To them, it can sound a little like opening their home up to a reporter… scary.

As your go-to company for everything documentary photography, we’ve come up with a solution to help kick-off the education necessary for your potential clients to get hooked and fall in love with documentary photography as much as you.

More than a template to hold your pricing and important information, this tool will communicate specifically and directly to your potential clients’ fears of this shooting style and also to spotlight the positivity. Why? Because we need to do a better job at inspiring and educating our clients to help them see the value in a photo session that’s “just of the everyday stuff” (that we all know to be some of the BEST stuff!). Without reaching this connection with them, how can we successfully sell to them?

Never before has there been a client guide template on the market professionally designed with documentary photographers in mind. This also includes two key features: session inspiration pages (perfect to pair the ideas you love from the ebook Session Sparks) and a quiz guaranteed to reveal real photo needs to your potential clients.

Make your life a little simpler with this template and start inspiring clients today by adding this into your marketing workflow!

Save $20 by adding on the Session Sparks (160+ documentary session ideas) ebook and add session ideas inside your client guide. This is an excellent duo to hand off to your curious pre-potential clients!

Add our most popular ebook, Session Sparks, to pair with your Client Guide Template to trigger ideas during a consultation or to pull from and add directly into your client guide template.



Included in this package is:

Access-Pass to view the How to Customize video

2 versions of the Client Guide Template: 1 with beautiful free fonts, 1 with the fonts Marie used in place (with links to go purchase the fonts, if desired). Each file comes in both indd or idml (CS4 or later) InDesign files.

The template can be exported to share digitally with new inquiries or as an opt-in for your email. However, this is also sized to easily upload & print with MagCloud to take with you on the go.

Pages included:

Front & Back Covers – The front cover is a inspired as a magazine cover so you can add/remove the article titles. This can be used as an opt-in to get people onto your email list using a juicy piece of information your potential clients want to read about (such as the Quiz: What kind of session is best for us?) The back cover is dedicated for a call to action, your contact information, and a large image.

Contents Page – This spread allows you to show off a larger image, but also lets them jump to the section they need to get to quickly.

Divider Page – Each section comes with a divider (4 total) so you can display one of your statement images on a larger display and lead into the next section.

My Story – A page dedicated to share what you do, how you can help them, and let them see who you are a little deeper.

Short Article Page – An opening page you can use for any kind of article, such as how a photo can impact their lives…. a little something to get them in the mood for sentiment and reflection.

Session Package Pages – Do you offer multiple types of sessions such as half day or full day-in-the-life sessions? These pages will lay it all out. The design comes out of the box with 3 pages dedicated to session packages.

Product Pages – Canvases, albums, prints, oh my. Put this all in one neat, beautiful place for them to see. The design comes out of the box with 3 pages dedicated to products.

The Process Page – (with copy included for use – 2 variations in design to choose from) potential clients are often not photographers, this page will help you educate them on how a session with you works from beginning to end

FAQ Page – Fill this section in with all of the hot questions you potential clients ask… what to wear, what location, any common objections you can combat (it’s winter, my house is a mess, etc.).

Testimonial Page – Show off what people are saying about you

Multiple Session Inspiration Pages – Need a way to get your clients to stop seeing the negative, such as their home is too messy or they are too boring to do a session “like this?” This is it! Pull ideas straight out of the Session Sparks guide into your Client Guide template to trigger session ideas for your clients (and attract more of the sessions YOU want to shoot). There are a couple of page variations and multiple image collage pages inside.

Full Article spread – this will hold a strong blog post or other article that speaks directly to your clients. For example, I want to photograph couples before they have a baby so I wrote an article about my life with my husband before baby. It speaks to my target client in a reliable way and reveals a problem my session can solve.

Quiz Page – there is a major missing link in photography marketing for documentary sessions. It’s the fact that many potential clients do not even understand what a documentary-style session is. This quiz will help you get through to them & the copywriting is included for your use.

Worried you’re not an InDesign Pro or don’t have the software? Don’t be. This software is super easy to use once you get the hang of it and this download comes with a How to Customize video to make it a little simpler. If you do not have InDesign, download the product, follow these steps:

Check out the pdf version of the document so you can preview the template in its entirely

Collect your images and content that you want to put into the document

Visit Adobe’s website to download a TRIAL of InDesign CreativeCloud. This will give you free access, it will be up to you to cancel your subscription before the month is up. I love this software so much and use it frequently. The text translates into a pdf or image with much more clarity than working in Photoshop.

Why would you want to print this? It’s a much more powerful use of a business card. You’re likely not going to want to print & mail this to inquiries (that would get expensive), but carrying a few on hand is ideal. You know those situations… when you meet someone, totally unprepared, one thing leads to another, and there’s a friendly connection. The next thing you know, you’re talking about your photography business and thinking, “hot damn I wish I had some examples of my work on me RIGHT NOW that look large and beautiful compared to what my website looks like on my phone.” Give one to your husband to keep in his car too, because you know he talks you up when he gets a chance! How much from MagCloud? They cost about $10.20 + shipping for one (or 20% off if your order 25).

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