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Client Testimonial Maximizer


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“OMG I love our photos!” isn’t enough. It feels amazing to us as the photographer, but this kind of testimony isn’t going to win over potential dream clients that are stuck on major hesitations about a documentary session.

In this product, you’ll learn 3 different types of testimonials from clients and discover which one you actually need to compel future clients. With step-by-step instruction, you’ll craft compelling client stories (case studies) that make your potential clients’ ears perk up!




Testimonials are a marketing avenue where your clients do the marketing for you. It’s just a matter of knowing two things: how to get the honest testimonials that fit into your brand messaging and how to work the stories into your marketing plan.

Craft a transformational story, from your past clients, that speaks to your dream clients’ desires + overcomes the hesitations that cause resistance to moving forward. 

Included in your purchase:

Testimonial Maximizer (Short) Guide on how to create compelling stories using client testimonials to use on your blog and/or email marketing

30 Testimonial Questions to draw inspiration from to ask clients about their experience that are much better than, “I loved working with ____ and love our photos.”

Client Story Planner: when using testimonials, you want to create a compelling story for potential clients to read. When a potential client has hesitations on booking a session, these stories of past client experience can significantly calm their fears and even get them over the hump of hesitation altogether. This planner will help you lay out your story so that it speaks directly to your potential client.

Client Story Checklist: after your short story is written, you can give it a solid once-over with this checklist to make sure you have included everything you should

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