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Shooting + Selling Documentary School Portraits


Imagine turning your slow months into peak earning months by shooting documentary school photos that parents buy directly from you + dozens of new families get acquainted with your work in a way that’s personal to them. That’s what this eBook is going to teach you to do.

When you master shooting + accumulating schools + sales in documentary school portraits, you will:

  • add an additional revenue stream to your existing business
  • shoot the way YOU love to shoot already
  • show prospective clients how amazing the documentary approach can be – letting them “try it on for size” and experience how it feels when a real life moment is made into a picture

I’m Katie Walls, of Red Turtle Photography, and when I made the change from lifestyle photography to a documentary approach, I was afraid that my choice would shut me out of the boutique school photography market. I resigned myself to letting go of my aspiration to increase my business revenue and marketing reach via school photography. That is, until the perfect opportunity fell into my lap and I took a chance on it. Now I have successfully made documentary school photography a part of my business, and – no surprise – parents and schools LOVE it.

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Increase your business revenue and supercharge your marketing plan by offering documentary school photography that parents will love buying from you! And friend, THAT’S what Shooting & Selling Documentary School Portraits is all about.

It’s your blueprint for engaging with schools to offer this unique approach, handle to logistics, shoot and post-production with ease, and see excellent sales that will make parents eager to work with you in the future.

What’s covered in this 42-page eBook? Read on:

  • Chapter 1: Why shoot documentary in the classroom | Here’s why a documentary approach is absolutely perfect for some schools, and why you’re going to love to shooting this style in schools.
  • Chapter 2: Marketing to the school and logistics of the shoot | How you choose and approach your target schools, create a portfolio of documentary classroom images, and manage all the details of a successful school shoot.
  • Chapter 3: Photographing in the classroom | Build on what you already know as a documentary photographer, this chapter addresses some of unique challenges of photographing in classrooms. From lighting challenges to how to put teachers at ease, this chapter covers everything I know about making a classroom shoot satisfying and successful.
  • Chapter 4: Post-production workflow | How to edit efficiently, set up galleries, communicate with parents, and set the stage for great sales.
  • Chapter 5: Selling to Parents | How to create packages parents want to buy and turn school parents into future clients.


  • Shooting “B-Roll” for the school and stock
  • 10 tips for quick rapport with kids so you get killer shots in record time no matter what mood your little subjects are in.

Last but not least, the book is filled with my own beautiful, real-life examples of documentary school photography in classrooms where I’ve worked. These are images that parents bought and loved – and some of those parents are now full session clients.

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