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The Making of the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast

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We’re fully ready for the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast to go LIVE on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Not gonna lie, it feels GOOD.

We’ve got episodes in the queue for sound editing, mini mags, and new guest convos brewing. In the meantime, I want to share all the external (and internal) stuff that’s happened behind the scenes so far.

It’s been almost 3 years in the making from the time that initial podcast idea was sparked.

30 milestones from idea to Intentional Documentary™ Podcast:

1. 2015: invested in first online course, The Profit Lab by Amy Porterfield. Entered a whole new world of possibilities.

2. Couldn’t get enough, listened to her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast, was led to more podcasts, and fueled my momentum.

3. Craved a different podcast for photographers: Stories. Documentary. The heart behind the pictures.

4. Softly thought, ‘I should start a podcast and talk about what I / we love: documenting the honest and truth of our lives + why we do it… but photography is so visual. How could that work?’

concluded: #deadend

5. In an inspired state-of-mind from online + creative business leaders, OBSESSED with working my biz + entered The Launch Factory to build + refine programs.

6. The more I obsessed with marketing, communication, copy, strategy, launching, FB ads, social media, etc., the further I got away from my roots, myself, and the HUMAN connection in my business.

You know, you put too much distance between
yourself and the things that are important to you,
it’s real easy to forget what those things are.
– Rayna James, Nashville

7. The more I witnessed photographers come alive in their brand + (re)connect to the heart of their work (in my programs), the less I wanted to work with clients as I LOVED this new path. #quitclientbusiness

8. Craved (re)connection, especially in my FB group, but without the client experiences to share like I once had. How?

9. Dabbled in talking about memory preservation (why I started F&F in 2014, before documentary family photography was a popular thing) and was bullied in my own group. Opted to stay disconnected.

10. Early 2017 (re)connected to MARIE.

(thanks to NEB + Susan F and consistent, soul searching, a FB messenger convo with Aniya on the topic of Alzheimer’s that stirred something up within, and looking at the root of my, then, discontentment in life)

11. DECIDED to do something about it. TPP poured out. Big dreams, like living with ADVENTURE in my backyard, felt possible. The podcast spark came back – still ‘but HOW?’ lingered.

12. Divine download: Create a Mini Mag. Text in for a copy to follow along or visit the site later. YES.

13. Doodle. Lots of doodling. What to talk about? Inspire? Casual convo? Workshop-style? Short? Longer? Who to talk to? Made a list of 100+ out of sheer excitement!

14. My intro jingle idea (aka got caught up in what doesn’t matter): the sound of voices reminiscing to photos. Turned to Fiverr with a sample script, looking for a couple to send me a real, honest recording of the reactions / stories that come up evoked by looking at pictures.

A man took the job. What I got back: him reading from the POV of Grandpa AND Grandma.

Just about died. 

15. Start recording. Bore the hell out of listening to myself. Loved the guest convos, but scared myself out of my own eps.

16. Who would be the perfect co-host? Who would energize this + make it FUN? Stacey Ilyse! (love her)

17. Record a few eps with Stacey.

18. Assign our first Mini Mags over to designer: stress her out over this big, new project.

19. Decide to make a life change: move out of state. Accidentally distance myself from the podcast. Flake out on co-host. Feel guilty. Avoid it.

20. Settled into new state. Kept busy launching the Brand Story Workshop, Mastery Moment-Seekers, the Contract, etc. (aka avoid it some more).

21. Top ‘o 2018: be brave. Reconnect with Stacey for a check-in on our path. Re-start for the third time – flying solo again. (all good on both sides)

22. Listen to an old ep. Loved it. #momentumisback

23. Send 3 Mini Mags to designer + pray she doesn’t fire me as a client. She gets into flow + feels good about these MM’s now too.

24. Record fresh, new ep (002) from the SOUL. Felt GOOD + validated. Invited more guests + start talking about it (finally reconnecting all around!).

25. Reflected on: Why’s this easier than last year? Answer: I released what I “should” do and did what I “wanna” do instead.

26. Record an ep I’m scared to publish. (005)

27. Swept away with all the fun: hit lowest profit quarter, but I’m ENJOYING the business and my role more than ever.

28. Reflect on the podcast mission, experience goals, and write my podcast promise.

29. Get distracted: want to uplevel my InstaStories game. Albums in our FB group. So many ideas before we even get going!

30. Write this + keep head down to batch eps – as we’re two weeks out from releasing!


Well, that’s that. 

A glimpse into the making of the IDP!

What’s been at the center of this the entire time:

the mission to hold an audio space to anchor us to why we document.

  1. For what we get out of it (preserving life – whatever that looks like to you) and to
  2. stay connected to the heart of what we do + why we do it in spite of all the business noise.

Documenting is just a buzzword.

The pictures we make are deeper than a word (an approach). Your legacy box can be FULL of that. Your brand can reflect that. Your soul can celebrate it all.

This podcast will start with reconnecting to what matters and blossom into stories on making work – personal or client – that’s true to their unfiltered vision.


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