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Think you’ve already documented what matters? Let’s check.

“I honestly thought I had nothing left to document. My daughters are 16 & 19; not in the “cute” stage anymore,” photographer Pam Dubasek told us in The Preservation Project’s private FB group.

Going into the program, Pam was in a season of more than usual, fast-moving change + challenges: her father-in-law recently passed (“He was the best,” she told me), her marriage was struggling, her oldest had just graduated, and her 16-year-old was extra busy in school.

Pam was living in the thick of life, as many of us are, and still chose to dive into TPP and make the work inside a priority.

“I wanted to show my girls that our family wasn’t always this crumbled mess and to help myself heal + handle it all.

So, I turned

She added, “A grad party will show you how disorganized your photos are,” with 19 years (!) of photos in her collection.

During The Preservation Project program, Pam made major progress with her photo collection, as well as, documented important life stories happening NOW.

Here’s one:

“We met in February 1998. One month later, we traveled together to Florida, so that he could attend an open audition for our local AAA Baseball Team. The summer that followed was spent at men’s softball tournaments. The wives and girlfriends became a tight group of friends. Every weekend, like clockwork, we’d all travel to tournaments, camp, and spend summer nights fireside with plenty of beer and drinks.


Twenty years later (has it been THAT long?!), he still plays on and off for various teams. It’s always been “his thing;” his way to get out, have fun, and still enjoy the sport he loves so much. Both of our girls grew up watching their Daddy play.”

As Pam hit the ground running in week one of The Preservation Project, she chose an action that brought her to an older photograph of her husband playing softball. It made her think,

“Over the past couple of years, his work schedule hasn’t allowed him to play as much as he’d like. Softball is a part of our story that’ll eventually end. I want to intentionally document THIS story.”

With a little magic of divine timing, she did just that the same night!

“With these new pictures, he felt special, important, and showed up for. It’s not AAA Baseball, or his childhood dream of playing baseball professionally, but it’s HIM connecting to something he loves to do. It’s showing our children that play is good and to never stop doing something you love.”

When I asked Pam how it felt to be documenting her own life again, she said,

“I thought: ‘Thank gosh I’ve got another chance!’ This program has made me more aware. I’m not done photographing my girls: they’re sneaky little things, but there’s still moments worth documenting.”

Like this moment, another story Pam recorded:

documentary family photography - Iconic Photo Series

“My 16-year-old got her driver’s license last week. My husband and I were in the back seat when we went to dinner. THE BACK SEAT.”

Pam’s story reminds me of the old quote from John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” She’s PROOF that small actions, inspired by a refreshingly beautiful, sparked awareness, can have a major impact on how you live through:

  • your busyness
  • the hard feelings in change and challenges
  • and the wonderful feelings around new driver’s licenses + baseball.

“People don’t think they’re gonna miss parts of their life. The Preservation Project is about awareness of those moments you’ll miss, so you can DO something now.

It’s about less photos, more quality.” – Pam Dubasek

What magic + surprises might be in YOUR Preservation Project?

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This Iconic photo + story was contributed by Pam Dusbabek. 

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