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What Our Sunday Afternoons Look Like in Photos

We love Sunday afternoons in the Masse (pronounced Moss, by the way) house.

Sundays are our family day. We try to stay home, but welcome visitors. Friends or family or both come for dinner and these days are always easy parenting… as the visitors keep the kids entertained. Our home is kind of like a weekend retreat for many of our loved ones.

We bbq… my hubby is amazing with the grill.

We catch up on hours of conversation.

We play cards.

We play in the dirt.

We walk our backyard trail or down the street to toss rocks in the creek.

And we laugh… a lot.

On this particular Sunday, we had friends over on a humid day when a killer Thunderstorm passed over while we ate… so naturally we went out to play in the mud after.

I do not document these days nearly enough.

Believe it or not, I’m not fully comfortable bringing my camera out around friends and family… I think they’ll think I’m nuts (I probably am). Or maybe I feel like they don’t want my giant camera in their face. So naturally, I’m mad at myself over this day WITH FRIENDS I shot. These photos here don’t have many of our visiting friends… which was the point of the day! The photos are mostly of my kids… again. It’s time for that to change.

This day was over 8 months ago. Looking back at them today, I don’t remember much about the details outside of what you see in the photos… I have no idea what we talked about or what we laughed about, for example.

But here is what I do remember: the feeling of being in a state of joy… that life can’t get any better than this. And for that one reason, the camera needs to come out a little more outside of my {amazing} days spent alone with my children.

Most of my photos are of my kids playing while my husband is at work… which is the story of a lot of photographers. It’s important to photograph the togetherness you spend on your weekends. On any given day, I’m looking forward to this time shared with our favorite people.

So take at one of our Sundays below.

Fill your appetite for photographing your togetherness. Get inspired. Shoot. And share with us. 

Even the neighbors cruised down the street on their quads after the rain. Country living has its way of drawing everyone outside even on the days when it is wet and you’re destined to get muddy! I want to remember how happy we are at our home and how the feeling is shared by everyone.

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