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What Psychic Mediums Can Do For Your Business Mindset

A year ago, if you told me to book a reading with a psychic medium, I would’ve told you I didn’t want to waste my money. I remember friends and even my mom getting local readings years ago and I thought they were just the cheesiest thing ever.

Highly skeptical.

Last year, I got into conversations with women entrepreneurs who have regular (a couple times a year or so) readings… focused on their business.


I thought these readings were all about connecting with passed loved ones – very vague; they could be talking about anyone – and predicting when you’re gonna meet the man of your dreams, if you’re gonna get the white picket fence, etc. But the stories these women shared were so powerful!

I had my first reading in May 2017.

We did a mix of receiving messages from passed loved ones + intuitive guidance (where I’d ask questions and she’d tell me what came up).

Immediately following, I felt a sense of renewed faith in the future + energized from what came up.

She told me she saw a $99, 4 week program that would be small, but bigger later. I previously had mapped out a big program for The Preservation Project, but was afraid it would be too big to put the time into it and that I wouldn’t see a return. The guidance the reading gave inspired me to break it down into a 4 week program that I offered for… you guessed it… $99.

The reading helped me to step out of my narrow mindset of how things are and look at things from a different angle.

Whether you believe in these things, or not, this kind of mindset shake-up is HUGE when you’re feeling stuck.

She also told me she saw something with videos and I needed to ask them (meaning, you!) to share too. Reflection sheets would be huge.

I thought she was talking about The Preservation Project, because I was pretty much obsessed with this program at the time, excited for its growth. I couldn’t open my mind to think about anything BUT The Preservation Project.

Satisfied with what had already happened and as time passed, her words grew out of my mind. I hadn’t looked at my reading notes until today – over 6 months later. In November, I ran the Brand Story Workshop, which was hands down the best, most energizing thing I’ve done for our community thus far.

I think THAT’S what she was talking about with the videos, asks to share, and reflection sheets, because those 3 components are what made that program come alive! Kinda cool, right?

Choosing your next action step in business

So, I’ve hit a bit of a stuck zone lately around what to do next in my business. Torn from the direction that my passion, heart, and energy feel strong vs. the stuff I know I can do and that’s reliable. Here’s what I’ve been asking with a little backstory:

When learning about law of attraction + manifesting, I’ve learned to get crystal clear on my desires, then basically ignore them and live like they’re already true and happening (total trust), and not be emotionally attached.

So many desires have come to reality with that model too!

In the last year alone:

  • I thought: I’d love to live in nature where there’s less snow. This has come to reality, like we were divinely led to our new state.
  • I found a dress at Target and said, “I wish this came in a shirt.” Within 2 months, Target delivered on that request.
  • I thought: It would be cool to get teach at CreativeLive sometime. In 2017, I was invited to join Kirsten Lewis in her 2 day class to teach a segment.
  • When we sold our Michigan home, the amount we’d get from the property popped into my head. I set the asking price and both my husband AND real estate agent thought it was high. The agent even said, “I’ll do it, but be prepared to wait a few months.” OUR HOME SOLD IN 48 HOURS at exactly my asking price.
  • We found our new house (way over our intended budget) and wanted to offer $30k less than the asking price (knowing full well that it’s value is at least the asking price). Another competing offer was on the table, so we stretched our max spend and only offered $18k less than the asking price and got it. I was driving one day and a number popped into my mind that I wished we were getting the house for. Long story short, after the inspection, we asked for another $12k off the asking price and the seller said yes… the sales price became THAT NUMBER that was in my brain.

All of those things happened with ZERO effort on my part. I simply said what I wanted, lived my life, really wasn’t attached to the outcome of any of them (in fact, they were in & out of my mind quick thoughts) and my requests were met. #synchronicities

But, when I get focused on something I want and WORK towards it, the vibe is totally different and much more likely to FLOP. Example: Say I want to work with a certain number of clients, or have X amount of sales come in and put a plan into place, or create this new product that feels really fun and profitable.

I get emotionally attached to every step of the process and often these desires DON’T come to fruition.

So, I’ve struggled with my mindset around:

When do I let it go entirely and when do I set a goal with clear steps to work at? It sure seems like if I wanted to manifest my bills to be paid, they aren’t gonna be without setting the goal + making the conscious effort.

All that to say, I’ve been craving clarity around why some of my desires – typically the ones I believe I want most – aren’t happening and why some do.

Ever feel that way? I’d LOVE for you to comment and tell me what you do about this.

How a medium reading helped propel me forward

So, I had another reading, with a different medium with the intention to get to the bottom of my Q’s.

First, she checked to see if any messages were coming in.

A young male, tragic death was guiding me in seeing opportunities (not creating them for me), coming out of my shell, and when I feel resistance to that he’ll help me say f-it and do it anyway.

She said I knew him.

I had no clue who – I thought young… like late 40’s (thinking my uncle)? She said no, younger…. a friend.

She said school. I got goosebumps and knew exactly who it was when she said:

He’s with 2 other young guys, buddies.

BOOM. A dear high school friend (never talked to him after high school) overdosed within years of high school + his cousin + their friend also encountered the same fate at different times. (all drug deaths in late teens / early 20’s).

The way she spoke about his personality, I know it was him.

Later, she described someone older who liked to have a drink in his hand long ago … then even said his NAME (Stan). My jaw about hit the floor – that would be my Papa Stan, I believe.

He referenced farming –

You cannot go from plow to harvest. You need to go through ALL the steps.

He showed a candy cane. She felt that represented seasons. Like I need to enforce structure in seasons – 90 day plans, daily themes.


That came through before my question, “do I declare my desire, ignore it / live like it’s happening, & trust in the U to deliver always? or do I declare my desire and put it into steps?”

It was being answered without me asking out loud.

(I did write this out in my journal before the call to help set my intention for the reading)

She went into other intuitive guided details around this too – to help me detach from my desires. Mostly, it hit home when “I cannot go from plow to harvest” popped up, because I’ve definitely think I’ve been following the path of least resistance and it’s not sustainable.

In recent weeks, leading up to the end of the year + planning the new year, I had been torn in how to approach 2018. I ended 2017 with less structure than ever – very free, go with the flow, following whatever I felt inspired to work on. I was wondering if I should still do that OR if I should pick a focus and work towards that.

I used to work through seasonal goals, down to the week, and to the day – having daily themes, like:

  1. Money Monday (biz admin day)
  2. Team Tuesday
  3. Product Development Wednesday
  4. Marketing Thursday
  5. Freebie Friday (I’d write / do FUN things for me)

I’ve been detached from this mode, because I was feeling a bit burned out, and have been the totally opposite with zero plans in place. I think I’m craving that simple, but progressFULL structure again.

You might me thinking I’m all around crazy right now and that I’m making what came up fit into my life. The point isn’t about readings being believable or that this is truly divine guidance of any kind, the point I want to make is that this has been a very FUN way to shake up my limiting beliefs and get a surge of energy. If you’re stuck in your own head, it’s another tool to try 😉

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